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What They’re Saying

Thank you so much for helping make it possible for me to attend this year's leadership program. I faced my fears of canoeing and was the queen of the arts and crafts cabin. I was able to explore who I am and be creative. Being at camp helped me find ways to express myself I hadn't thought of before
.... Zayden 2023

I would rate the LIT program a 10 out of 10 because I learned to be more confident in my own skin and abilities. The canoe trip was one of the best experiences of my life. I learned to survive in the bush, to build fires, and to enjoy myself away from home
.... Lincoln 2023

I am very grateful for being able to explore the wilderness, to experience new things and see new animals, flowers, and plants. On our trip, I helped guide others through tasks, and I shared my own thoughts and ideas during evening meetings with the group. For someone who is usually quiet, this helped me grow a lot!
.... Tanja 2023

Thanks to my time at camp, I learned to listen and to pay more attention to what happens around me, to make more fair decisions, and to look out for everyone in my group. As a girl who has not experienced a lot of good stuff in her life, I feel really happy and grateful for having had this opportunity
.... Jessica 2023

My confidence in leadership and working with kids has improved greatly. I gained knowledge and strategies I can use in everyday life

.... Sadie 2022

Your support was a huge help and changed my life.  I’ve overcome challenges and proudly say “yes! I did it, I made it”. I’ve learned to be patient, respectful, cooperative, responsible, team leader and being determined in everything I did

.... Jared 2022

For a month, I did not have a TV or PS4. All I had was my diary. I was journaling every day. My experience was life changing

.... Brianna 2022

Because of this leadership training, I have confidence in myself to be a good leader and am looking forward to the future where I can utilize my new skills and talents

.... Richa 2022

All the memories and opportunities that happened this past month would not have been possible without your generous support. I will be forever grateful.  The way I grew as a person will impact me for the rest of my life.  I will become a better leader because of you.

.... Alex 2021

The trip helped most of us get out of our comfort zone. You might not notice it, but it shows you the positive things in your life.  I came home with a new confidence and positive attitude.  This program helps teens like me be our best selves because this Camp had that big of an impact.

.... Isabella 2021

I came to camp having zero confidence, not much sense of self, and a low self esteem. Camp has taught me many practical things, and I left a much more confident self-assured leader.  I thank you for your support.

.... Kiran 2021

I had an amazing summer thanks to people like you.  At first, I was kind of nervous when I was assigned to be Leader-In-Training for a cabin of boys, but I found it was actually quite fun.  I have grown from being a quiet kid, who rarely says a word, to the person who makes the group laugh.  I am truly grateful that I was given the opportunity to be part of the community.

.... Nat 2021

"I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to improve my leadership skills, and come out of my comfort zone by leading activities during a time of uncertainty. Because of your donation we were able to run this program greatly impacting not only the Leaders-In-Training but the kids we will one day have an impact on as the leaders of tomorrow"

.... Olivia 2020

"The past three weeks have brought me so much joy during this difficult year.  This month I learned many new skills. Our program didn’t just give me a taste of camp but it also helped me to grow as a person and learn more about myself. Camp is my happy place, I look forward to it all year, and because of JWLT I have been able to be with the people I love and to enjoy the camp experience. Thank you so much!"

.... Meghan 2020

 “ … from being at the camp leadership‑in‑training program I have learned what it takes to be a leader, and what it means to be that person in a camper’s that makes camp more memorable."

.... A.S.  2019

“… I am very glad and fortunate to get to go to camp this year and the opportunity that you have given me.  This month, I got to be in a program called C.I.T. and I learned a bunch of skills to help me be staff in future (fingers crossed).  I got to deal with and practice hands-on problems in camper cabins that I was given placement in.  This allowed me to act as a role model.  I had a great month making memories, building strong friendships that will last me a lifetime, and more importantly, having fun! ”
…. C.F. 2019

“… I believe this camp leadership experience has set my son on a trajectory that will ripple out to affect many lives.  Your investment in him WILL have an eternal impact and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart”

… CLT Mom 2018

“…I’m very grateful for your generosity because otherwise I would not have been able to go to CILT this past summer.  It affected my life greatly and I’m very thankful.  I am very eager to attend CILT2 next summer. This summer for the first time I gave a message which I couldn’t imagine myself doing (it was about the Job).  I also made some very great friends that I will have for life.  Your gift made a difference in my life and I am very thankful!”

…. C.E. 2018

“… I would like to thank you so much for donating money to me so that I could go to camp.  I had a lot of fun and I made so many friends there.  I have no completed CILT and am hopin to become a leader there next summer.  I want to teach youngs kids about God so that they can grow in their faith.  Withoug you I would not be able to do the things I can do now.  I’m glad to know there is simeone like you to help people.”

.... P.F. 2017

“… I cannot thank you enough for investing into camp, in particular the aspect of leadership development.  Up until the week before CILT began I was not certain that my son would have been able to go ….. …..   My son left camp with a confidence I haven’t seen in years.” 

.... LIT Parent 2017

“… Going through the L.I.T. program with my 14 new brothers and sisters was super special.  We shared communication, decision-making, leadership development, outdoor skill learning and group safety.  I truly feel that I became a better and more confident version of myself this summer.” 

…. I.H. 2016

“… I went to camp for a month.  That leaves 11 months of “city life”.  People have made rude comments to me at school, but I just smile and walk away.  I joined the eco-club at school.  I’m a team player when I work with classmates on group projects.  I know all the camp leadership training will help me move towards my goal of becoming a nurse practitioner.”

…. B.W. 2016

“… I would like to thank you for such a fantastic opportunity.  I learned so much about what it means to lead and service the campers in my care.  I became more comfortable leading camp programs.  I got to participate in my first wilderness canoe trip. Wow!  I now hope to become a counsellor so I can continue to give back to others.”

…. M.R. 2015

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