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To qualify as a JWLTF Partner Organization

  1. All Organizations must have Charitable status.

  2. Qualifying camps must be OCA accredited.

  3. Programs are primarily Counsellor-In-Training (CIT), but also include pre-CIT programs or canoe trips viewed as Leadership Training.

  4. Youth candidates are selected by the Organization. It is desirable to have the youth’s family contribute a nominal amount of the program registration cost, and sponsorship for an individual Youth can be for multiple years.

  5. The sponsored Youth sends an expression of thanks to the JWLTF after each experience.

  6. At the end of each season, the partner Organization must submit receipts to the JWLTF supporting the registration fees for Youth in their leadership development Program.

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Some of our Partner Organizations

Amici Camping Charity
Cairn Family of Camps
Camp Big Canoe
Camp Cherith
Camp Kalalla
Camp Kintail
Camp Kirk
Camp Widjiitiwin
Sparrow Lake Camp
YMCA Camp Cedar Glen
YMCA Camp Kitchikewana
YMCA Camp Pine Crest
YWCA Camp Tapawingo

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The Jean Wansbrough Leadership Training Fund is an Affiliate member of the

Ontario Camps Association.

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