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Jean Wansbrough Leadership Training Fund

Helping youth build their life foundation of positive self-esteem.

Founded in 2010, the Jean Wansbrough Leadership Training Fund (JWLTF) provides financial assistance for youth leadership development through overnight camp programs and qualifying leadership development activities.

Since inception, the JWLTF has funded more than 290 youth in their leadership training.


How JWLTF works

  • Donors: The JWLTF is a Canadian Charitable fund, and we thank the generosity of those who contribute and who receive a Canadian Tax Receipt in return.

  • Partner Organizations: Camps and other qualifying organizations who run leader-in-training programs, and receive funding contributions from the JWLTF.

  • Benefactors: Qualifying Youth Leader-In-Training candidates, as selected by their Partner Organizations. 

  • JWLTF Trustees: Manage the drive for donations, and the relationships with the Partner Organizations.

A Celebration of Jean's Life

1927 - 2022

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